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A Design Friday to design your life

Pune, India, May 27, 2022


Extentia hosts an insightful Design Friday workshop on May 27, 2022, on the topic, 'How to lead a productive life.' This session was conducted by our long-time friend, Mark Luckey, and over forty enthusiastic Extentians were glad to have attended this session. Being productive isn't always an easy feat, and a bit of planning and organizing can go a long way in boosting our efficiency. The session began with Mark sharing an insightful quote about growth and transformation. He shared various life hacks and tricks to enlighten us and encourage us to inculcate these small yet impactful changes and find the middle ground between striking the right balance between mind, body, and soul.


The attendees also participated in a couple of activities full of fun and laughter that energized everyone. It was a thorough learning experience, and it struck a chord right away for many Extentians. As this informative session was nearing the end, Mark also declared winners of Challenge, Accepted! and shared how these people inspire. Bhaskar concluded the event with his note of thanks and shared his transformational journey due to a life-changing habit. We look forward to hearing more motivational stories from our Extentians and the impact of such sessions. Until then, as Mark says," Optimize for your best self and keep being, enjoying, and doing more!


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