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Session on 'Effects of EQ on Professional Performance'

Pune, India, February 12, 2020

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Extentia had Vanita Malhotra, an experienced counselor, conduct an online session about the effects of emotional quotient (EQ) on professional performance on Feb 10, 2021. The hour-long talk opened with discovering the difference between EQ and IQ and exploring their impact on an individual’s personal and professional experiences. Vinita elaborated on the key skills for enhancing the EQ including self-awareness – identifying personal strengths and weaknesses, self-regulation – managing anger, empathy – the way one should behave with others, self-motivation – ways to self-motivate in situations where work gets monotonous, and social skills – building social intelligence to better connect with co-workers. The session also shed light on the right way of delegating work, increasing productivity at the workplace, and responding to situations using rationale and intelligence instead of mere emotions. The thoroughly interactive session concluded with tips on becoming emotionally independent and keeping a positive and rational attitude in the day to day professional life.

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