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Extentia at SAP TechEd in Bengaluru

Bengaluru, India, December 19, 2018
Extentia at SAP TechEd.png

Devashish Nayak, Principal Architect led an Extentia team at the SAP TechEd conference in Bengaluru last month. Along with him were Ninad Pingale, Rakesh Asati, Adithya Bhat, and Bhavesh Rao.

TechEd is SAP’s premier event to promote technical learning about the ‘Intelligent Enterprise’. Devashish and Ninad participated in hands-on workshops where they explored various tools and frameworks. They built a demo application using the Chatbot and SAP Cloud Portal. The rest of the team were on demo pods that showcased emerging technology and SCP services, along with Android SDK.


The conference focused on discussing the application of emerging technologies – Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Internet of Things, and more. The goal was to enable the workforce to gain better outcomes. Highlights included multiple sessions with SAP experts on best practices and individual meetings with SAP solution engineers to discuss a company’s technology challenges. SAP TechEd proved to be an opportunity to gain SAP insight into an organization’s product roadmap, as well as discuss and influence future product functionality.


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