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Extentia hosts The Graduation Ceremony for Marketing, Strategy, HR, and Experience Studio!

Pune, India, February 21, 2022

Graduation Ceremony -01-min.png

On Wednesday, February 16, 2022, Extentia hosted a graduation ceremony for Marketing, Strategy, Human Resources, and Experience Studio. Ten talented trainees completed their training in their chosen domain and advanced one step in their careers. It was a beautiful and heartfelt occasion as we celebrated the graduates' accomplishments, and they shared stories about their journeys. 
This time the event took place in hybrid mode. Extentians were ecstatic since many of the attendees were present at the XEN LAB. The celebration kickstarted with a fun game of Simon says but with an Extentian twist to it which made it even more entertaining. The graduates shared their learning experiences, while mentors addressed their experiences with them through the entire process. The ceremony was proceeded by a Certification Ceremony, at which graduates received certificates from their mentors. All the mentors and graduates expressed gratitude for all the opportunities, guidance, and support they received throughout this journey. The event ended with Naazneen wishing the graduates luck which was followed by group photos and boomerangs! 

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