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Extentia Hosts Conversations in the Cloud: The Dreamforce ’21 Edition

Pune, India, Sep 09, 2021

Conversation in the cloud Dreamforce '21 edition

On Wednesday, September 08, 2021 Extentia hosted a very special Dreamforce edition of Conversations in the Cloud in what was an hour of scintillating discussion centered on the team’s experience and expertise as one of a select few Salesforce PDO Experts across the globe.

The event was attended by a diverse combination of fellow Extentians as well as friends, partners and contemporaries from across the Ohana and beyond!

Extentia’s panel of experts; made up of some of the best and the brightest minds at Extentia tackled everything from PDO onboarding, to the benefits of having an AppExchange product, from the meticulous process that our teams follow while envisioning, building out, to going live and listing products on the Salesforce AppExchange.

Some of the quandaries they tackled included defining what needs to go into a pathbreaking AppExchange product, the steps you need to follow while developing, licensing, listing, and getting an application through security review, and how to market your product in a way that makes it stands out amongst thousands of AppExchange products.

The event was concluded with a Q/A session where the Panel fielded questions from a captive audience and a group Zoom picture that has become somewhat of a customary fixture at Extentia’s online events!

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