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Extentia Hosts Season 6 of its Annual X24 Hackathon

Pune, India, February 16, 2023

Extentia, a Merkle Company hosts the sixth season of its annual 24 hours hackathon focusing on the theme of A.S.A.P. – Adaptable.Simple.Accelerated.Platform. The sixth edition of X24 Hackathon took place on December 08 to 09, 2022. Six teams comprising of some of Extentia’s brightest and sharpest minds battled it out in this season’s hackathon. This year’s theme helped teams explore to work in and develop efficient concepts that help our stakeholders thrive in the ever-changing business environment. Six teams made up of a precise combination of coders, designers, and sales representatives banded together to solve a set of challenge statements that pushed their abilities to the very limit. 

X24 Teams 
The various teams consisted of designers, strategists, developers, and sales specialists. They put their brains and varied perspectives to solving a widespread problem and eventually making their house win.  
A lot of pre-events lead the teams and houses to the main X24 event. Events like the Creathon, Walkathon, Reel it up, and Bullshit, were warmup practices for their minds.  

Challenge Statements 

The challenge statements were as follows: -  

Carma Fix: 
The objective is to create a community where customers can track all their car service-related activities like scheduling services, availing upgrades, finding service stations, asking for emergency assistance, etc. 


Fit Extentia: 
To build an in-house solution to change how one stays fit.  
The objective is to motivate IT employees to take their physical health seriously and further encourage their colleagues to do the same. 

Citizens First: 
To build a citizen centric community application.  
The objective is to report incidents that happen in the community and bring them in front of the authorities with the help of aware citizens.


To build a discovery application for city malls. 

The objective is to create a solution that guides the customers through their entire mall journey in real time and keeps them informed about the latest happenings in the mall.  

Pet Roll: 
To build a one-stop shop for pet wellness needs. 
The objective is to create a marketplace where pet lovers can connect with each other, find medical assistance for their pets, maintain their vaccination charts, search for pet hotels or hostels, and find lost pets. 

The Inner Circle: 
To build an intra-company marketplace. 

The objective is to create a community where employees can sell, buy, or barter items with each other internally. 

Gurus and Mentors 

Building an application in less than 24 hours is no child’s play. The teams were able to build effective solutions thanks to their gurus and mentors. With years of industry experience and expertise, they advised and guided the participants towards creating workable applications.  

Live Feed and social media 
X24’s entire online feed was managed by a focused crew comprising of people from different departments with the support of the administration staff. Their keen observations and relentless efforts made sure that quality content was delivered. X24’s live screening covered the event from the start to the end that kept all the stakeholders updated throughout. Using #X24Season6 #ShipIt #Hackathon as a part of the hashtag strategy.  

Event Partners 

X24 Hackathon Season 6 received great motivation from the sponsors who showed faith in the event and rewarded the participants with generous prizes. The sponsors were: The Body Shop India, Entertainment Store Pune, Phoenix Market City Pune, The High Spirits, GreenTokri, Euriska India,, and Oi Brewing Company. 

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