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Extentia hosts Stepping Stones – A Graduation Ceremony for Salesforce and Java!

Pune, India, November 29, 2021


On Tuesday, November 23, 2021, Extentia hosted its flagship “Stepping Stones Program 2021” – An exclusive opportunity for fresher’s and young professionals to learn everything about Salesforce and Java. The program provides a hands-on, application-based experience to candidates from different backgrounds and prepares them for real-life Salesforce and Java projects associated with Extentia. The event was attended by all the candidates, trainers, and fellow Extentians to felicitate the graduates.  

The ceremony had various entertaining activities, including some fun ice-breaker games and engaging brainstorm sessions. The graduates shared their learning experiences, while the trainers shared knowledge and guided them as they approached their next milestone. The event was proceeded by the Certification Ceremony, where graduates were awarded certificates and goodies from their master builders. The event ended with Naazneen sharing her experience and thoughts behind the Salesforce and Java training and concluded with lots of group pictures – a customary fixture at all Extentia events!

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