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Extentia Holds its Annual Forum

Pune, India, March 04, 2020


Extentia’s annual all-company meeting, the Forum was held on Tuesday, March 3, at Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies, Pune. Attended by 500+ employees from all of Extentia’s four offices – in Pune and Bengaluru, the event was all about a revealing look back at the year past – achievements and milestones, as well as the company's plans for the year ahead. There were several milestone speakers – Extentians who shared special moments from their journey at Extentia.

In addition, there was a panel discussion where a bunch of Extentians discussed the experiences they have had while handling their respective projects, their contribution, and learnings. The second panel featured members of Extentia’s senior management. Laced with humor, the panel delved into several topics including the future of the workplace and how employees can upskill themselves. The highlight of the evening was several videos that were played in-between the segments through the evening. The event concluded with a short speech by the CEO, Umeed Kothavala where he announced a few important changes in the senior management company structure – Naazneen Boocha will now be the Chief Delivery Officer (CDO), Shashikumar Bali vice-president, finance, and Celina Ramchandran vice-president, HR. Speaking about digital transformation and how it requires a variety of skills as there’s no single way to solve challenges, he urged each member of the Extentia team to go out of their comfort zone and learn something new.

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