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Extentia hosts a workshop 'The use and the misuse of Gray Patterns' – to navigate Gray Patterns.

Pune, India, May 13, 2022

Gray patterns - PR-min.png

On May 13, 2022, Extentia hosted a workshop at the XEN LAB titled 'The use and misuse of Gray Patterns'. Data and web design work in tandem in determining user experience and choices. And within the dark and light patterns of a web design, there are gray patterns that remain largely unexplored. Creating a good user experience depends a lot on how designers want to implement the concept of gray patterns.

It is imperative to strike the right balance between brand image, ROI, and user experience. The workshop commenced with a discussion on the performance of the 12 brands and their progress. As part of a group activity, participants brainstormed and presented scalable solutions for their designs in teams. The teams even worked on case studies assigned to them and executed the gray patterns concept. Such workshops pave the way towards helping us iterate a sustainable framework for our ongoing projects and add value to our customers and businesses.

We look forward to more insightful sessions in the future as they help us navigate and serve users by testing all intricacies around gray patterns

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