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Extentia Hosts the Second Session of the Mark My Words Series – ‘A Resilient Mindset’

Pune, India, August 25, 2021

Mark My Words by Mark Luckey

On Wednesday, August 25th, 2021, Extentia hosted the much-awaited second session of Mark My Words – ‘A Resilient Mindset’ with Mark Luckey, live from Melbourne on Zoom. While the first session – ‘2020 in Retrospect’ was all about Mark’s 15-month lockdown journey, the second session focused on the areas of learning, self-help, practice, and belief. Mark gave a detailed picture of how his learnings started from all the thirty-five self-help books he read during the period, and how one of the books turned out to be a motivator for him to practice everything he learnt. During the well-attended session, he also focused on the importance of rising early morning, eating healthy, journaling, gardening, exercising, meditating, and practicing Yoga.

The thoroughly insightful session concluded with a quick interactive Q&A session with the audience, leaving everyone wanting more and looking forward to the next session.  

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