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Extentia Hosts Session Three of the Mark My Words Series: ‘Hybrid Work and Returning to the Office’

Pune, India, April 12, 2022


On Friday, April 01, 2022, Extentia hosted our friend Mark Luckey's third session of Mark My Words titled 'Hybrid Work and Returning to the Office'. In the second session, 'A Resilient Mindset', we got a glimpse of Mark's remarkable 15-month lockdown journey. He spoke in length about self-help, practice, and belief and how the self-help books he read during the lockdown period were instrumental in shaping his beliefs and practices towards building a resilient mind.

In the third session, Mark delved into the effects of the pandemic on our work-life balance and how it has reshaped our perceptions regarding where we prefer to work, our priorities, networking with

people, and seeking opportunities.


During the session, he stressed the importance of 'doing' – be it a small act of kindness for someone, exercising regularly, journaling, and replacing unhealthy habits with ones that improve overall wellbeing. He emphasized drawing inspiration from various worldly philosophies. His vision of creating a world where we are more receptive and attuned to our surroundings is gripping, and we look forward to more nuggets of wisdom from future sessions with him.

That's not all Mark introduced four challenges for transformation. The following challenges are – Random Act of Kindness, The 6 AM Club, Step by Step, and Philosophies for Life. These challenges will run for four weeks and help participants make small changes toward leading a good life.

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