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SAP Commerce

A highly extensible and agile solution

We at Extentia have a dedicated team that understands the SAP Commerce platform with deep insights. As we work across diverse industry domains, the team has gained considerable expertise with several projects delivered for global customers.

Extentia is able to offer a wide range of SAP Commerce services with major economic benefits for its clients. We are committed to delivering confidence with long term relationships.

Our SAP Commerce Services

​SAP Commerce Core Services

  • Data modelling and data import through impexes, hot folders, and services

  • Solr configurations and facets, along with standalone/embedded server customization

  • Backoffice customization

  • Smart-Edit, Personalization, and WCMS development and customization

  • Platform web services, Web Services Commons module and SOAP/REST web service integrations

  • User groups management

  • Multimedia and catalog management

  • Cron jobs

  • Business process and templates for emails

  • Multi-tenant system development

  • Internationalization – manage languages, currency, countries, regions, and delivery zones

  • Data hub integration

​​SAP Commerce​​ Services

  • Store locator implementations

  • Warehouse/stock management

  • Promotions and coupons module

  • Checkout flow customization (delivery address, billing address, summary, confirmation)

  • Payment integration and order management

SAP Commerce Cockpit Services

  • Product Cockpit

  • CMS Cockpit and Backoffice customization

To know more about Extentia’s offerings for SAP Commerce or to schedule a consultation, write to Alternatively, call 1-408-627-4094 (United States) and +91 20 6728 5200 (India).

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