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Extentia’s StepUp Quest and Trailhead Journey  

Pune, India, March 05, 2017

Extentia recently concluded StepUp Quest – an internal competition where teams had to accomplish a series of Trailhead challenges and projects to win individual and team prizes, ensuring they are blazing trails to top the charts. Trailhead is Salesforce’s learning initiative that includes different modules for each Salesforce aspect – understanding a concept and then answering questions, earns participants badges. Contestants at StepUp Quest were divided into three categories – Explorers, Veterans, and Ambassadors and were assigned tasks according to their skill sets. The activity resulted in 25+ superbadges in addition to completing 25 Trailhead projects. This month-long quest was a part of Extentia’s in-house knowledge sharing platform – StepUp, that aims to keep our developers up-to-date on evolving Salesforce technologies and retain our market-leading edge.


Extentia is a Salesforce Product Development Partner and recently became a Salesforce Silver Consulting Partner. A range of Trailhead badges and certifications earned, the knowledge acquired, and the CSAT score achieved by not only living up to customers’ expectations but exceeding them – played a significant role in role in attaining this status.


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