Extentia's way of showcasing innovations in technology both internally and to the outside world.

Techquarium is Extentia’s platform to demonstrate new technology and hardware. It involves IoT, AR, VR, wearables, 3D printing, and AI technologies. Devices are showcased to a variety of audiences, with the intent of promoting workable ideas for them. Techquarium represents Extentia’s commitment to innovation in technology.

In addition to our regular internal sessions, we have conducted several external ones for companies, schools, colleges, events, and the media. 

Devices Showcased

Amazon Echo
Amazon Echo is a speaker that functions on voice command. It can be activated by using a “wake up word”, namely, Alexa, which can be changed by the user. It is programmable and can be integrated to the Cloud. It can contemporarily be called as the JARVIS of the corporate world.
Electric Imp
Electric Imp is a California and England based company that provides hardware and software solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT). This particular hardware (imp 001) is a WiFi and processor containing module which can be loaded with a SD card (The white card in the picture) and connected to the cloud as per the user needs. For instance, it can function as a temperature, pressure and humidity detector.
NeuroSky Mindwave
It is a Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) device that allows you to understand and possibly even influence your brainwaves. Users can develop their own applications and the device is compatible with iOS, Android, PC, and Mac. With more than 100 brain training games and educational apps on the NeuroSky App Store, the possibilities are mindboggling!
3D Printer
A 3D printer is a device which converts a two dimensional image into a three-dimensional object. It is used for artistic work by hobbyists, and in schools and hospitals and is compatible with Windows, Mac OS, and Linux software systems.
NFC Ring
Made with Titanium steel, the ring is waterproof and doesn’t depend on a battery. Compatible with all NFC phones you can use it to unlock your phone without a password, change settings with a tap, share information, and even lock apps. You truly may become The Lord of the Rings!
Oculus Rift
The Oculus Rift is an intensive virtual reality headset. It replicates the user’s environment, enhancing user experience. Be it playing games or watching movies, the magic of immersion changes everything.
Oakter HUB
A home automation kit that has smart wall sockets, which allows you to turn devices on and off, using its respective mobile application. Oakter HUB works with both, iOS and Android devices. Get set to control your devices from your smartphone!
Google Home
Google home is Google's latest entry into the home automation space. It goes head to head with the Amazon Alexa, who had a niche in this market. In functionality, Google Home can be used to do things like, find location based venues, get movie shows, etc. It also can be used as an assistant to make calendar invites, keep reminders, and set alarms. Here’s the power of Google in a speaker for your home.
Amazon Tap
All you need is one smart tap and the device will awaken to your command. Want to hear your favorite tunes from Amazon Music, Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio, and TuneIn? With the Wi-Fi enabled Alexa Voice Service you can play music, get a news update, know the weather and even order take-out. The portable Amazon Tap is the next frontier in personal assistants!
Amazon Dot
Amazon's Echo Dot is a 360-degree speaker that uses far-field voice recognition, powered by the Amazon Alexa voice assistant. You can use the Alexa Voice Service to play music, provide information, read the news, set alarms, control smart home devices, and more, using just your voice.
Banana Pi
The Banana Pi is an ambitious product by the LeMaker group from China that rivals the Raspberry Pi in the current market. It is a high-end single-board computer which has features that are similar to or better than the older Raspberry Pi models and it is available in a tiny form-factor (credit-card size), at a low cost. It has multiple utilities including functioning as a mini PC or as a control chip for R/C Vehicles.
Creo Pop
The first 3D pen in the market with an ink that’s cool on release. Unlike it’s 3Doodler counterpart, Creo Pop comes up with the concept of using “jelly-like” ink through its cartridges that are cool to touch and are hardened via UV Ray light located at the tip of the mouth. It does not require an external power cord and the inks come in different variants such as glow-in-the-dark or magnetic.
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