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Extentia hosts Techquarium at Indo-German Training Centre, Mumbai

Mumbai, India, May 26, 2017

For the second consecutive year, a team of IGTC Alumni from Extentia conducted a Techquarium session at Indo-German Training Centre, Mumbai on May 24. An audience of 80 students were introduced to Extentia and its culture through the corporate presentation.


Devices and solutions demonstrated were Amazon Alexa, Google Home, LIFX, Flic, Tile, NeuroSky, Oculus Rift, and TrackWiz (IoT solution). Most of them were intrigued and eager to get a first-hand experience with the devices, learn more about the future of technology, and the role Extentia plays. The audience asked insightful questions making the session interactive and interesting for both the presenters and participants.


Techquarium is Extentia’s platform for new technology devices. These are regularly scheduled in-company and external sessions where these gadgets are showcased, and audiences experiment with them. Techquarium’s intent is to promote innovation and workable ideas for these devices. Participants – technophiles, coders, software developers, as well as marketers and entrepreneurs – are encouraged to take them and explore possible uses.

Learn more about Techquarium at


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