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Wearable Computing

Wearables will help propel the Internet of Things

Wearable Computing is currently one of the most popular emerging technologies. We can assist your organization from the point of data capture to API integration and we can help embed advanced analytics into solutions, quick development, deployment, and management in real-time. Our skilled developers possess the knowledge to build applications, handle notifications, capture data, and provide intuitive dashboards for electronic wearables.

Extentia specializes in fitness trackers like Fitbit, Nokia, Google Fit, Under Armour, TomTom, and the Apple Watch.

Service Offerings

  • Designing gamification services for devices

  • Developing intuitive dashboards which will predict analytics and represent leaderboard data

  • Providing common API across various wearables

  • Offering solutions for web and mobile

Connect with Extentia Today

Whether you want to promote a healthier lifestyle or be on the forefront of wearable innovation, Extentia can master your software needs.

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