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XPL Cricket Tournament 2024

A Spectacular Showdown of Talent and Team Spirit!

Pune, India, May 24, 2024 
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House Constant Variables (CVS) recently organized the highly anticipated XPL Cricket Tournament 2024 at the Papal Seminary Ground in Pune. Extentia’s six houses – Constant Variables, Royal Brigade (RBs), Infinite, Parikrama, Unicorn, and Spartans – competed fiercely over six days to claim the championship. 
The event kicked off with two practice matches arranged by CVs, providing participants with the opportunity to hone their skills. The tournament format included four days of intense league matches, followed by two days dedicated to qualifiers, eliminators, and the grand finale. 
The atmosphere at the ground throughout the tournament was electric, with Extentians passionately cheering for their houses. The energy was palpable as RBs, Infinite, Unicorn, and CVS advanced to the eliminators and qualifiers. The lively commentary added to the excitement, making each match a memorable experience. 
Unicorn and Infinite emerged as the finalists. Despite a low score, Infinite showcased resilience and secured the championship, defending their total with an outstanding effort. 

For the first time, CVs introduced an exhibition match open to all, including non-players. This historic match featured teams led by Extentia’s office boys, who demonstrated their hidden cricketing talents, much to the delight of the spectators. 

The XPL Cricket Tournament 2024 saw Extentians enthusiastically embracing various roles beyond playing, including commentators, umpires, cheerleaders, photographers, and interviewers. The tournament was not just a celebration of Extentia’s love for cricket but also of friendship and team spirit among Extentians. 

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