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About Connect

Extentia's CONNECT is an acclaimed internship program for international students who seek to gain work experience in India. If you have the right attitude and want to be a part of a growing Indian IT company, consider CONNECT. This is a challenging internship for graduate and near-graduate students, and allows them to acquire an international work portfolio. Here interns will gain valuable exposure to the real world, and expand their social and business networks.

Core to Extentia’s values are encouraging young individuals. Since 2004, we have hosted 109 bright interns from all over the world ‒ who learn, contribute, and grow professionally during their stay at Extentia.

Job Profiles

We offer positions according to your skills and abilities. You can join us as an intern for business support, computer engineering, HR, design or marketing. With our vibrant and dynamic work environment, you will gain both invaluable skills and hands-on project experience. Extentia offers guidance through balanced exposure to theory and practice. CONNECT will equip you with the rare experience of working across distinct cultures, in one of the fastest-growing economies in the world.


Extentia offers the following internship positions:

  • Software Development
  • Quality Assurance
  • UI/UX Design
  • Business Development
  • Marketing and Corporate Communications
  • Human Resources

Overall Experience

To ensure a well-rounded internship and time to travel with other fellow interns, the minimum internship period is three months. You will get to interact with customers and work on new technologies. Valuable experience, practical application, and exciting challenges are just some of the benefits of the program.

Extentia will take care of you

Extentia sees to your needs from the day you arrive, allowing you to settle into the new environment quickly. A monthly stipend is also provided for your personal needs. During the internship, you will be assigned a mentor and will have regular reviews and feedback sessions about your work and progress.

The Internship

How do I apply?

  • Fill in our online application form
  • Your application and profile will be reviewed for short-listing
  • Final selection process will include:
    • Telephone interview
    • Personal interview with respective departmental head

What will my internship be like?

  • Once you are here:
    • You will meet with an Extentia representative
    • Accommodation and a monthly stipend will be provided to you
  • During your internship you will:
    • Be assigned an internship mentor
    • Have regular review and feedback sessions
    • Have so much fun you will hardly miss home!

Applying to the CONNECT program from the United States? Look up Michael Griffin’s 'Business Internships'. Michael P. Griffin is the Internship Director and Accounting Professor at the Charlton College of Business at the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth.

Learn more

Preparing to Leave

What airlines fly to India?

  • There are plenty of airlines you might want to check out for your travel to India. Some of the ones with more frequent dates include: Air India, British Airways, Air France, Delta, and Lufthansa. Other slightly less expensive airlines include: Emirates, Etihad, KLM, Gulf Airlines, and Turkish Airlines
  • Picking the least expensive airline is not always the best option as it might not be the most direct way to get here

What kind of visa do I need? What about other travel documents?

  • You should preferably have a long term visa (e.g. for 1 year if you are planning a 6-month internship). It might be easy for you to obtain a long term visa in your home country but in India it can be difficult to extend it. You will need at least one week for this process and even then there is no guarantee of getting the visa
  • If you are staying longer than 180 days/6 months you have to get registered with the local authorities. It’s an easy process.
  • It is good practice to leave copies of your passport, your visa and other important documents at home as well as make additional ones here
  • While in India, never take your passport around with you. It is safer to leave it at home rather than carry it with you. When you travel, always carry a copy of your passport with you. Hotels and youth hostels have to send this copy to the local police station to report your stay

Do I need any special health vaccinations?

  • If you are visiting India for the first time it is best that you speak to your doctor regarding routine vaccinations for precautionary measures. Also check the Department for Foreign Affairs website for particular vaccination related information
  • Malaria prophylaxis is optional. It is not necessary if you stay around Pune and if you don’t intend to travel excessively to remote places


What kind of clothes should I bring?

  • Bring as few as possible. India is a shopping paradise; everything is very inexpensive as compared to most places in Europe, the US and many other countries. The dress code at Extentia is very informal – you don’t have to pack too much of formal wear. Men usually dress casually in jeans and shirt/t-shirts and women typically wear the traditional dress or jeans/trousers and t-shirts/shirt
  • No one wears a tie or a suit in the office unless there are specific formal meetings or occasions
  • International airlines are very strict if you have excessive luggage, so try to keep it light

What is the weather like in Pune?

  • Your packing is dependent on the time of the year you are coming to India, so it’s best to know which season you will be arriving in
  • India has three major seasons – winter, summer and monsoon. Winter months (November – February) are bright and pleasant though it does get slightly chilly in the evenings so bring a few sweaters or full-sleeved shirts. Summer (March-June) is hot in most parts of India, so light t-shirts, jeans, shorts etc. should suffice. Monsoon is usually between June to September along the West Coast and mid-October to December along the East. It is advisable to bring a jacket and some light woolen
  • Temperatures range between 10 to 40 degrees Celsius (°C)
    • Summer: 24 – 38 °C
    • Monsoon: 18 – 30 °C
    • Winter: 10 – 25 °C

Look up current weather here

Is there anything else I need to remember to pack?

  • Bring your mobile phone with you. Prepaid cards are very inexpensive for making phone calls and sending messages. Adapters for your electronic devices (if required at all) are easily available here
  • It may be better for you to bring your own laptop (there are no customs control on personal laptops) to use in India, else you will get your own desktop machine at Extentia
  • It would be a good idea to bring some snacks from your home country to ease homesickness – of course, your colleagues will appreciate them as well. This might be chocolate or Gummibaerchen if you are from Germany or Switzerland
  • Bring your sleeping bag – this is always useful while you are traveling around India
  • In general nearly everything is available here. Do bring sunscreen and earplugs if you must

On Arrival in India

What is the local currency? How can I convert my money to the local currency?

  • The local currency is the Indian Rupee (INR). You can find the exchange rate here
  • A good place to exchange your home currency for Indian rupees is the international airport in India. You will get a fair exchange rate and good service
  • Bring your credit card if you have one, there are many places where you can use it (e.g. shopping malls). You can also use your debit card for cash withdrawal
  • There are ATMs around town (like the Citibank ATM close to Extentia). However, there will be a small fee if you are client of a different bank

What are typical living expenses?

  • Bottled water (1L): 20 rupees
  • Cheap lunch/dinner: 50 rupees (inadvisable)
  • Usual dinner: 200 rupees
  • Dinner in a nice, fancy restaurant: 500 rupees
  • Renting a scooter/two-wheeler: 2500 - 3000 rupees/month
  • T-shirt: 200 rupees onwards
  • A beer in a nightclub: 200 – 400 rupees
  • A haircut: 100 – 400 rupees (for men) 300 – 700 (for women)
  • A dozen bananas: 40 rupees

How do I get to Pune from my first port of entry into India?

  • A Volvo bus (500 rupees) or Cool cab can be found at the Mumbai airport and will bring you directly to Pune
  • Pune is approximately 200 km away from Mumbai and the journey takes about 3 – 4 hours if traveling by road
  • If you arrive at other destinations like Delhi, you might want to fly with one of the domestic airlines (e.g. IndiGo, Jet Airways, Air Sahara or Spicejet.) to get to Pune. You can check out prices online and buy tickets well in advance as they work out much less than the regular full fare

On Arrival in Pune

Where will I live?

  • Extentia will provide you with accommodation no more than 30 minutes away from office
  • If you choose not to stay at the apartment offered by Extentia, you could arrange for alternate accommodation at your own cost

What can I eat here?

  • There is a great variety of inexpensive Indian cuisine. There is something for every budget and taste. Generally, the food in Pune is not as spicy as compared to other cities. Western food is relatively more expensive
  • Do NOT drink tap water. You could drink bottled water till you get used to normal filtered water


  • A watchman guards most apartments/houses. As with most places it is advisable to avoid dark and unknown areas. Locals are usually friendly and approachable; it is common for them to strike conversation with foreigners, but be cautious at all times
  • Tips for women: It is advisable to wear pants and skirts at ankle length and to avoid shirts with spaghetti straps (even if you see more and more Indian women wearing Western style clothes). Still, there might be curious glances – just keep on walking and ignore them and don’t be too friendly to anyone who starts chatting with you on the street. However, you can get around town safely also on your own

What will my first day be like at Extentia?

  • You will be welcomed by Extentia and be introduced to senior management and your colleagues. As with marriages, your first week is your honeymoon period
  • You will get acquainted with people for the first few days and be exposed to induction programs to give you a feel of the work environment at Extentia

Getting Around Pune

What is the best way to get around the city?

  • Traveling around Pune is a breeze as there are auto-rickshaws everywhere
  • Rickshaws are metered though the fare is later calculated based on the meter reading. An evening/night charge of additional 40 – 50% may be applicable. Carrying a meter card with you will help you calculating charges
  • Most interns rent a two-wheeler/scooter but it would be wise to get an international driving license before you arrive; the procedure for getting an Indian Learner's license can be lengthy
  • Buses are also available but are often too overcrowded and not recommended at all
  • A wide selection of relatively cheap cab services is available.
  • The city is a relatively safe place and most people (including rickshaw drivers in the area) speak some English so it is not too difficult to get around

How can I keep in touch with people back home?

  • Bring your mobile phone with you. Prepaid cards are very inexpensive for making phone calls and sending messages
  • Besides having 24/7 Internet access at the office, there are cyber cafes at the corner of every street
  • It could be wise to invest in a broadband mobile internet stick. They are relatively inexpensive and convenient

What is the shopping like in Pune?

  • Shopping in Koregaon Park (the area around the office) is relatively expensive. Typical shopping areas are Main Street (Mahatma Gandhi Rd), Laxmi Road or Fergusson College Rd
  • Foreigners shopping antics apply – haggle!
  • There are lots of shopping malls in Pune and one of Pune’s newest swanky malls “Phoenix Market City” is just ten minutes away from the office. You will find American and European brands at relatively low prices at these malls

Does Pune city have a good nightlife?

  • Nightlife here is great. There are plenty of pubs and nightclubs in Pune so bring on the booze! (we still expect you at work the day after)
  • The entrance fee for a nightclub is usually between 100 – 600 rupees. Most night clubs prefer couples at least on the busy nights

Which places can I visit around Pune?

  • Known as the “Oxford of the East”, Pune is a fascinating city, home to the highest number of educational institutions in India, culturally rich and in close proximity to a couple of hill stations
  • The most popular hill station around Pune is Mahabaleshwar, 120 km from Pune. You will welcome the cool respite, enjoy the pleasant walks, boat on the beautiful Venna Lake and admire the stunning views from its many viewpoints
  • Just 19 km east of Mahabaleshwar is another pretty hill station, Panchgani – quiet and good for simple treks. 24 km northwest from Mahabaleshwar, an interesting day-trip away is the Pratapgarh Fort. Some of the other forts that make adventurous trekking destinations on the outskirts of Pune are Sinhagad, Shivneri, Torna, Rajgad, Visapur, Tikona and the famous Karla caves
  • A favorite weekend getaway would definitely be Goa! The coastal paradise located about 450 km from Pune is popular for its sun-kissed sandy beaches, easy-going lifestyle as well as its various fairs and festivals!
  • Located near the city of Aurangabad in Maharashtra, the famous Ajanta and Ellora are cave shrines cut out of rock, by hand, and rank amongst some of the most outstanding specimen of ancient Indian architectural heritage

More Information

Where can I get more information?

  • For more information on traveling to India you could visit:
  • If you have any other questions about your internship at Extentia, please do not hesitate to contact us at
  • Ask our friendly interns!

Most Recent Intern Quotes

  • Jing Vin Chan

    CONNECT Intern from Singapore

    "Extentia is a great company that has given me great memories and experiences. This internship has armed me with skills and I believe that an internship in an IT company in India can only prove to be useful.”

  • Muriel Brunet

    CONNECT Intern from the US

    "The people are very nice and encourage you to learn about what you’re interested in! Now, I have a better understanding of what it means to work within a larger project. I’ve also developed skills that would be hard to learn from a classroom setting, such as working on a project with several different people."

  • Etienne Baroth

    CONNECT Intern from France

    "I would recommend Extentia to other interns due to the range of departments where interns can apply as well as the ability to experience the freedom and responsibilities that are given to interns. Thanks to this internship, I now feel confident about the future and am ready to keep going with my studies for a while using what I’ve learned here."

  • Katharina Bollig

    CONNECT Intern from Germany

    "The CONNECT Internship at Extentia has improved my career prospects as I gained new experiences in product management as ExWiz is involved in all stages of the process. Moreover, I gained deep insights into online marketing and the creation of those campaigns. I also developed myself further and got deep insights into the Indian way of living and working culture. I liked how Extentia engages in CSR projects and organizes lots of events for its employees (e.g. XPL, baby showers)."

  • Andzej Zukovski

    CONNECT Intern from Lithuania

    "I picked up so many skills on the job which I’m sure will help me in the future. I loved presenting facts about Lithuania during the Intern Presentation. I think India is a beautiful country and my time here was excellently spent."



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