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Spotlight Sessions

To drive information sharing and experimentation, an internal platform where Extentians present knowledge and skills gained by them over the years. 

Web Components

  • What this was about: Web Components and its implementation in various frameworks (Angular, React, Vue)

  • Usage: To build custom, reusable, and encapsulated native elements to be used in web development irrespective of technologies/frameworks

  • How to: Create native elements using HTML, JS, and CSS

  • Technology: Web Components, custom elements, Shadow DOM

  • Additionally: Optimally employing a number of frameworks to create Web Components

Agile Knowledge Nuggets

  • What this was about: Overview of the Agile process for software development

  • Usage: Agile facts, tips, best practices – mainly around SCRUM, XP, KANBAN,

  • How to: Setup JIRA/VSTS tools for projects following the Agile approach

  • Technology: SCRUM, XP, KANBAN

  • Additionally: Knowledge about Agile process terminologies, Agile DevOps tools and methods, and SCRUM and its ceremonies

The ReactJS Journey

  • What this was about: Overview of ReactJS and Redux

  • Usage: To develop single page web applications using ReactJS and Redux

  • How to: Create fast and optimized user interfaces for SPAs

  • Technology: ReactJS and Redux

  • Additionally: Demo with ReactJS and Redux flow, virtual DOM concept and code

Excellence in Fintech Offshoring

  • What this was about: Application and Future of Fintech services

  • Usage: Use technology advancements to provide financial services

  • How to: Migrate from legacy software to more advanced systems

  • Technology: Blockchain

  • Additionally: Develop and improve payments gateways, bot advisers, and other financial service tools

Introduction to CICD with Jenkins

  • What this was about: Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment with Jenkins

  • Usage: To automate build and deployment of applications continuously

  • How to: Go from source code to running a build and testing, through unit testing and integration testing directly

  • Technology: GitHub, Jenkins, and Docker

  • Additionally: Improve product quality and customer satisfaction while never shipping broken code

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