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The Wellness Route to Community Building

About FIT

About FIT


An interactive SAP Cloud Platform (SCP)-based wellness platform, that is especially beneficial for existing users of SCP. With gamification, this mobile responsive web application seamlessly integrates with all leading wearable devices including Fitbit, Under Armour, Garmin, and Apple Watch among others.

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For any organization running in this fast-paced world, the time their employees spend at the coffee machine, at their desk, or when driving home – every minute counts!

  • With smart devices now part of something critical and important – our health –  is your organization making the most out of the technology that has been trending ever since its inception?

  • Are the fitness enthusiasts at your workplace, using different wearable devices and struggling to come together as a fitness community?

  • Are they not able to engage with like-minded peers due to the lack of a unified platform that brings the power of different wearables together?

Why FIT?

Why FIT?

What’s in it for You?

  • A cohesive platform that integrates with different wearable devices, allowing tracking daily activities including heart rate, sleep pattern, and location-based step count

  • Empowers organizations to expand their employee engagement spectrum due to its seamless integration with SAP SuccessFactors

  • Enables organization-wide fitness competitions through the ability to create teams, challenges, as well as striking rewards and badges for the participants

  • Allows individuals to view date-wise activity trend for a selected month, create a comparison chart to track their progress, and find a plan that best works for them

  • Access to personalized intuitive dashboards with a holistic view for varied KPIs including personal, teams, business units, view challenges, badges, and more

  • Facilitates sharing updates and even redeeming points using various social media platforms integrated with FIT

How about we start your organization’s fitness journey?
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