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Cultivating Innovation. Improving Lives.

The ease with which data can be monitored, stored, and shared at anytime, anywhere in the world via a smartphone or tablet has taken precision agriculture to another level.

Extentia’s engineering and solutions team has successfully been able to build mobile-responsive agricultural solutions to help our customers achieve high productivity, by providing appropriate solutions suited to their business needs.

Extentia specializes in the delivery of top-notch agriculture technology that adds value to various aspects of the sector.

Our Expertise

Some of the agricultural projects and modules, which Extentia has extended technology and consulting services include

Farm mapping using GPS

Using Mobile GPS technology and integration with Google Maps APIs, solutions that we’ve built enable accurate field-mapping. Cultivatable areas and yield-projections (based on accurate field-mapping) is now possible even with irregularly-shaped farms and fields.

Farm Mapping

Yield projections based on field-size, crop varieties and other parameters

Our solutions take data-driven farming to the next level by developing and maintaining protocols for evaluating and projecting crop-yield. Besides field-size, parameters like grain quality, disease history, and other agronomic characteristics of various grain crop are factored in to accurately calculate yield projections. Informing the grower of the performance and characteristics of grain crop varieties in turn helps with comparison and informed selections from the vast grain variety types.


Easy-to-use means of accessing and interpreting crop data

The efficacy of decision-making relies on accurate data usage and interpretation. Accessibility of online data and access rights to control what each user can access, edit, or view is equally important. Users can to login from anywhere in the world, to view the recent performance of the newly-developed varieties.


Offline data capture and synchronization with backend database server

Modern farming is driven by analytics and our online/offline solution helps minimize the lag in reporting, and decision-making process. Data continues to be captured offline, even in low/no connectivity agricultural zones, and is then synced in the back-end database server when the user is next online.

Analytics and predictive reporting on grain and field crop varieties

Analytics and reports helps make sense of the large volumes farm data available. Growers can compare various varieties of crops, see predictive results, and make informed decision on which crop would be ideal to grow in that area (based on soil, weather, grain varieties). Solutions that build on data analytics and predictive reporting help improve efficiencies in farming.

Predictive Reporting

Leveraging Big Data algorithms for precision-agriculture

Online agricultural solutions which contribute to a central database makes a strong case for Big Data Analysis. Mark Luckey, Extentia’s Partner in Australia, utilizes a decade of offshore development experience to provide insight about how Big Data can help revolutionize the way advisors and farmers review cropping information, allowing farmers to double their output.

See our showcase to check some of our work.

To schedule a discussion about how Extentia can help build your agricultural solution write to us at​

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