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  • Sanchita Bhat, Marketing Manager

Salesforce AppExchange and Payments

As AppExchange developers, have any of you found an easy way to manage payments and subscriptions for your apps? We ourselves have found that managing subscriptions, and different payment cycles for different customers isn’t as straightforward as we hoped it would be. After having spent time and effort developing an app, we’re very keen, like everyone, to be able to offer it to customers and start earning and tracking revenue. But handling the payments and renewals can get a tad taxing – tracking the payments, sending emails for renewals, updating the LMA after each successful payment, and so on – there are so many little things to take care of. Unfortunately, unlike Google and Apple, AppExchange doesn’t seem to have a standard inbuilt method that is integrated with LMA to facilitate the payment process. Though Salesforce Checkout does offer some of these features, due to a few limitations, it becomes difficult for ISVs to use it across all products.

From receiving payments in a designated account to sending renewal reminders – everything needs to either be done manually or by creating an external solution. Needless to say, these activities tend to be demanding, considering the resources they require to be done in-house or the expenses incurred if outsourced – especially in cases where there are multiple products on the AppExchange

This brings up the question – is there a solution for this? Is there a way to simplify the procedure? There are thousands of app developers and innovators – how do they manage this tedious task?

We think we might have a solution, but would love to hear from you first.

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