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  • Umeed Kothavala, CEO

COVID-19 – Update on What’s Happening at Extentia

This is further to our post on Extentia’s response to COVID-19, and steps taken:

First off, we hope you all are taking care and staying safe at this time. We at Extentia care about you, as always.

At the end of week 2 of the lockdown, we’ve actually been busier than ever – working, caring, and making progress.

Our teams continue to work with and support our customers and partners when they need it most – continuing to deliver confidence from a distance. We remind ourselves of the fortunate position we’re in – compared to too many others across the globe. We cannot take our privilege for granted, nor risk not using the opportunity to reach out and assist.

Our HR team has been in touch with all Extentians – ensuring the well-being of their families and communities. We’ve been holding weekly activities online to engage Extentians – our popular monthly quiz started its 11th season in a rather unique way, and Extentians took to a virtual stage to impress us with their real talents! The level of enthusiasm and participation has been amazing. Many more company-wide activities are planned, even as smaller groups engage and keep the spirit of Extentia alive in multiple ways every day. Thanks to our excellent systems team, we’re prepared, and have truly leveraged technology and cloud computing.

Lastly, Extentians have been checking on each other, and sharing stories on how they have been managing home and work in an extraordinary and challenging time. Many of us have been helping disadvantaged neighbors and those in need of assistance – demonstrating that our values don’t have to be locked down when we are. Of course we do miss the feeling of physically seeing and working together!

Here’s hoping our readers – friends, family, customers, and partners – are keeping safe and well. We welcome your comments – tell us how you’re coping, share anecdotes, and tell us what else we should be doing.

Take care.

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