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  • Sanchita Bhat, Marketing Manager

Making Innovation Possible in the Healthcare Domain

Healthcare and technology have never been more intertwined than they are today. With the COVID-19 pandemic disrupting lives globally, new challenges have risen in medicine, treatment, and healthcare delivery. Today, the world is moving onto online healthcare, accepting it as one of the primary channels of availing healthcare services. To keep up with this transformation, healthcare companies and professionals seek technology solutions in IT, application development, and the cloud to seamlessly deliver healthcare services.

At Extentia, we believe that the outcome of any technology innovation should always address the business problem and improve the experience. Keeping this in mind, we have been actively involved with several healthcare providers and pharmaceutical companies, in creating solutions pertaining to the online healthcare domain. Our design and development expertise has been instrumental in digitally transforming several of our clients operating in the healthcare domain, one way or the other. In this final blog in our series on online healthcare, we showcase some of the marquee solutions we have provided for companies in the healthcare industry.

Why Healthcare Needs Technology


Patient Management Platform In a growing online healthcare market, patients now expect better access to online healthcare services. We recently created a patient management solution for an American multinational that deals with health information technology and clinical research. The application addresses patient management essentials, such as mobile appointments and patient visits. We successfully provided the architecture and set up an instance of Health Cloud that consists of the patient journey, patient timeline, care plans, and templates for a multitenant environment using shared settings – making the entire patient management process significantly better. Patient Engagement Platform The success of a medical trial rests on how it is designed, run, and managed. We supported a global provider of outsourced development services to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries to build a patient engagement platform. The application's objective was to help patients simplify their participation during their time in various studies via personalization, behavior science, and artificial intelligence. The platform allows study plans to be configured according to different activities or events for a pre-defined number of days from the start of the study. Furthermore, the platform enables users to schedule visits, submit travel requests, complete assessments, and view reimbursements or rewards seamlessly.


Interaction and Profile Management App

Companies providing healthcare management services need to have a robust platform to manage complex organizations and healthcare professionals. For one such leading organization in the life sciences industry, we have built an Interactions and Profile Management App that provides a single end-to-end interactions management platform suite to manage all Health Care professionals (HCPs) and Health Care Organizations (HCOs) across the enterprise. The intuitive solution has two aspects – a mobile app for enterprise users and a web app for professionals and organizations.

  • Mobile App for Enterprise Users The hybrid mobile app communicates with Salesforce using Connected APP and employs REST APIs communications – collecting information at the time of in-exchange for precise data collection. We also provided branding and internal communications support to create a distinct brand image for the client and developed a seamless offline functionality.

  • Web App for HCPs/HCOs A cloud-based portal that streamlines interactions between life science companies and Healthcare Professionals (HCP’s) and Organizations (HCO’s), this is a Salesforce community that we created with responsive design and mobile compatibility. We also took care of the branding for community pages, in addition to creating support functions for a multilingual feature and customizing the UI.

Regulatory Intelligence for Pharma

Whether the end-user is a patient or a professional, every user demands a seamless digital experience. Our team revamped a leading multinational pharmaceutical company’s portal used by its regulatory intelligence (RI) team to reach 2000+ users. We worked extensively on the portal’s UX and UI, followed by the development, functional testing, and maintenance. This portal enables administrators to gather updates from different sources and publish relevant RI information for end-users. Furthermore, administrators can gain appropriate insights and download the required information from the reports.

Abhilash Dandade, UX Researcher, Extentia

“Transforming a mundane yet mandatory process into something more desirable has been challenging and exciting in equal measures. For most of our projects of this nature, we, at Extentia, follow a unique approach that encompasses carrying out intense research, interviewing various stakeholders, and investing days in extensive analysis. The step-by-step process ensures on-time delivery and a delightful and seamless experience for the end-users!" Abhilash Dandade, UX Researcher, Extentia

Financial Services

PWA Health App

Healthcare services go hand in hand with insurance services. Seamless interlinking and integration of the two are paramount for patients and organizations alike. For a client in financial services, we created an insurance space, which is a one-stop-shop for all healthcare needs. The app enables patients to avail several benefits such as doctor consultation, health check-ups, lab packages, diagnostics tests, membership cards, hospitalization benefits, health apps, and more.

Life Sciences

Health Care Professionals (HCP) Interaction Manager Managing numerous health care professionals can be a daunting task, especially in large healthcare organizations. In one of the solutions pertaining to the life sciences industry, we developed an end-to-end mobile solution for organizing all types of events for interaction with HCPs – right from program schedule, sign-ins, to the closeout phase. The application provides a slick interface to display reports and provides all essential functionalities such as budget allocation and tracking, contracting, and a speaker resource center.

Design Expertise

Having a full-fledged design arm, our acclaimed Experience Studio has enabled us to also fulfill numerous pre-sales design requirements in the healthcare domain. Our design wizards work closely with our clients’ teams to ideate, strategize, plan, and design. With our thoughtfully created design wireframes and UI-UX, we build outstanding applications and web portals, all in-house.

Since early 2020, the COVID-19 situation has given a significant push to our work in the healthcare industry, and it has allowed us to support the recent innovations in the online healthcare space worldwide. Our technology solutions enable organizations to make healthcare more accessible, safe, and secure.

Anshul Mhaskar, Manager – Strategy, Extentia

"From constantly talking to and supporting healthcare companies, we have learned two things. First, whether it is simply addressing the changing patient behaviors and needs or withstanding a global health crisis, digital maturity has been a game-changer. And second, digital transformation is a journey, not a destination -- and everyone wants to move ahead rapidly. Business vision, technology enablers, and cultural change are core pillars of any digital transformation strategy. In some industries (like healthcare) more than others, Customer Experience also becomes an important consideration. We at Extentia, follow an Experience-Centric Transformation approach, where CX is at the heart of our strategy and offerings to customers."

Anshul Mhaskar, Manager – Strategy, Extentia

If you are in the healthcare domain and think it is time to adapt to online healthcare, we, at Extentia, will give life to your idea – starting with a well-designed and outcome-oriented ideation workshop to see what's possible and how, and take it from there. Write to us at for collaboration!

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