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Ride the AI Wave at Dreamforce 2023 with Extentia

Dreamforce 2023 with Extentia

Extentia is gearing up to explore the future of business at Dreamforce 2023, the grandest technological event of the year, hosted by Salesforce. Join us as we delve into the highlights of Dreamforce to stay at the forefront of innovation across the Salesforce ecosystem.

The Dreamforce Experience

It is a three-day event that brings together the global community of trailblazers. Dreamforce 2023 is dedicated to exploring the potential of data, AI, and CRM in driving sustainability, social responsibility, and transformative customer experiences.

Dreamforce serves as a dynamic platform for learning, collaboration, and growth, offering several opportunities to gain insights into cutting-edge technologies and connect with industry experts. This empowers Partners and customers with a better understanding of current trends and best practices in both business and technology.

Ground-breaking Innovation at Dreamforce

Power of Generative AI (Gen AI) at Dreamforce

Dreamforce '23 promises an exceptional line-up of keynote speakers, ground-breaking announcements, exciting product launches, immersive training sessions, and engaging workshops. Extentia looks forward to learning more about:

Gen AI: Learn and revolutionize the very fabric of our daily lives and professional endeavors with the incredible power of Generative AI (Gen AI) at Dreamforce. Although Salesforce initially delved into predictive AI, the team has tirelessly delved into the realms of deep learning and generative AI for quite some time now. Their aim? To tackle the crucial hurdles and possibilities encountered by sales professionals, customer service agents, marketing and e-commerce managers, and developers. This journey is all about enhancing their capabilities and liberating them from the tedium of routine tasks.

Einstein GPT, the world's first generative AI technology, has revolutionized customer experiences across sales, service, marketing, commerce, and IT interactions at a hyperscale. Einstein GPT combines Salesforce's proprietary AI models with generative AI from partner ecosystems and real-time data from Salesforce Data Cloud. This empowers customers to effortlessly connect their data to OpenAI's advanced AI models or external models, using natural-language prompts within their Salesforce CRM to generate dynamic content that adapts in real-time to changing customer information and needs.

Marketing GPT: An enhancement equipping marketers with an AI-integrated interface that facilitates personalized and engaging interactions at every touchpoint. Marketing GPT empowers efficiency and nurtures inventive customer engagement.

Commerce GPT: A pivotal breakthrough enabling the delivery of personalized commerce experiences across the entire buyer's journey. Leveraging real-time data for auto-generated insights and recommendations, Commerce GPT drives tailored experiences that boost engagement and conversion rates.

Connect with Us at Dreamforce 2023

Komal and Siddhant at Dreamforce

Extentia, a Merkle Company, has been crafting impactful Salesforce implementations across various clouds for over a decade. Team members from the dynamic Salesforce Practice at Extentia continue to learn, explore, upskill, and leverage the latest technologies in the Salesforce ecosystem.

We’re excited to announce that Extentia is one of the few ISVs selected to showcase a Salesforce GenAI Pilot PoC video at Dreamforce '23!

If you're attending, let's make the most of this opportunity to connect and exchange ideas.

Do reach out to us – we look forward to insightful conversations!

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