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SmartFox Technologies Launches SmartFox Prime

Intuitive and insightful Business Forecast Management software

We’re proud to have been the development partners for SmartFox Technologies, having helped them release their first application onto the Salesforce AppExchange.

We’re proud to have been the development partners for SmartFox Technologies, having helped them release their first application onto the Salesforce AppExchange.

SmartFox Prime is yet another example of how Extentia strives to collaborate and work with some of the most exemplary ISV Partners across the globe in order to bring sustained excellence to the length and breadth of the Salesforce Ohana. As Specialist PDO Navigators, Extentia possesses the expertise that allows them to meticulously craft AppExchange solutions that not only meet their customers’ expectations but also fulfill and address real-world business requirements across various domains.

We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect partner. Smartfox Technologies helped us to understand every conceivable aspect of their vision, from their business goals to their target demographics to even the content as well as the design of the application itself. They were very thorough in their criteria to shortlist an AppExchange development partner, and carefully scrutinized the credentials of potential partners. We’re immensely pleased that we ticked all of their boxes and look forward to continuing to help them to ‘Do More and Be More’ across the purview of the ISV ecosystem.

“SmartFox Technologies would like to take this opportunity to thank Extentia for our partnership and achievements on the design and development of the SmartFox Prime - Business Forecast Management System available now on Salesforce AppExchange,” said Phil Everhart, President, and Founder of SmartFox Technologies. “SmartFox Technologies worked with a highly professional and dependable Extentia staff throughout our development and implementation of this project. We are very proud of the outcome and all our hard work together on making SmartFox Prime a success.”

You can find out more about SmartFox Prime and how it can fundamentally transform your organization on the Salesforce AppExchange - https://appexchange.salesforce.com/appxListingDetail?listingId=a0N3A00000FR5sQUAT

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