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ApplePi 2019 – A Space-Themed Technology Event for Children and Young Adults

AR, VR, IoT, wearable devices, and more were part of the XEN LAB ‘spaceship’

Pune, India, December 23, 2019


The fourth edition of ApplePi was held on Friday, December 20 – this time with a ‘space mission’ theme. The event showcased several innovative technology devices, along with the opportunity to use them. Invited to attend were Extentia partners’ and customers’ children, as well as some from the Poveda Foundation – a Pune-based charity organization. 

The entire XEN LAB, the company’s experience design center – was done up like a spaceship. Upon entry, each kid was received by XEN BOTS – the space crew, who gave them a brief summary of what each room required them to do, following which they were handed over to a crew member in the concerned room. The entire lab was divided into different sections – a main central command center, a bridge, a server room, a medical bay, an armory, and a research lab. Different sections had devices that were tied to the space theme in one way or the other. These included Alexa on Echo, the 3Doodler, Google Hub, the Hackaball, the Oculus Rift, NeuroSky, Air Pictionary, and Knocki among others. Each module had a separate mission – and after its completion, the participants would earn space ‘credits’. All the space credits earned were then exchanged for a special gift toward the end.


The command center was abuzz with activity as kids practiced simulations of actual space missions using the Oculus Rift. Be it interacting with the ship’s sentient computer, Alexa or scanning their brains’ space waves using NeuroSky – the children completed one mission after the other. The younger kids indulged in creating space art using 3Doodler and CreoPop, while the older ones created workable skills using Alexa Blueprints, within strict time frames. The participants left with a little goodie – an ApplePi mug with sweets, an Extentia badge, and a special seed pencil. 

Techquarium is Extentia’s platform for new technology devices. These are regularly scheduled in-company and external sessions where these gadgets are showcased, and audiences experiment with them. Techquarium’s intent is to promote innovation and workable ideas for these devices. Participants – technophiles, coders, software developers, as well as marketers and entrepreneurs – are encouraged to take them and explore possible uses.

‘It was overwhelming to see the enthusiasm in these children as they experienced all the devices first-hand, during the space-themed Techquarium showcase. Year on year, we try giving the event a different flavor with new devices, for each child to explore,” said Umeed Kothavala, CEO, Extentia. ‘Having members from the Poveda Foundation this year was a delight for us. ApplePi will continue to engage young minds with technology in the years to come.’


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