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Design Fridays – Extentia’s Latest UX Initiative

Pune, India, July 26, 2018

Design UI/UX Workshop.png

On Friday, July 20 Extentia hosted its first ‘Design Friday’ workshop. Leaders and experts share their thoughts and predictions about the UX space in this session. Extentians now have an opportunity to listen, participate, and improve their knowledge and skills in the industry.


The first session began with Experience Specialist Aashish Majumdar, speaking about UX industry trends, process, and stages for building interfaces, and related best practices. He laid emphasis on understanding the target audience and their mental models while creating a design. The workshop ended with interactions around resolving time constraints in the design and testing phase, and addressing accessibility concerns in an interface.


The session kept the audience completely engaged. Design Friday is planned to be a monthly event at Extentia.

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