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ApplePi 2018 – A Technology Carnival for Children

AR, VR, IoT, wearable devices, and much more was on display at Extentia’s Techquarium for kids

Pune, India, December 14, 2018

Tents were pitched for ApplePi 2018 on Wednesday, December 12 as the tech-themed carnival rolled into town. Upon entry, every child received a map depicting the five ‘carnival tents’ and was left to their own devices to discover what was in store. Each location held different gadgets that they could interact with – Alexa, the 3D-Doodler, Google Hub, the Hackaball, the Oculus Rift, and NeuroSky to name a few. As the participants moved from one ‘tent’ to another, they got a sticker for each – once all stickers had been collected, kids arrived at the ‘Finish Line’ for a surprise.


There was a flurry of activity as attendees lined up in front of the Echo Look for fashion advice or waited to bring their designs to life with the Doodler. The highlight of the evening was the ‘Treasure Bay’, where a locked chest had to be opened using the NeuroSky. The higher a kid’s concentration, the greater their chances of walking away with a gold chocolate doubloon. The ‘Prediction Palace’ also saw a good footfall as people clamored to hear the Alexa Show give them a glimpse of their future. The young participants left with a souvenir photo printed with the Polaroid Zip as well as a small surprise – a pot containing some sweets, an Extentia badge, a keychain, and a seed pencil.


Techquarium is Extentia’s platform for new technology devices. These are regularly scheduled in-company and external sessions where these gadgets are showcased, and audiences experiment with them. Techquarium’s intent is to promote innovation and workable ideas for these devices. Participants – technophiles, coders, software developers, as well as marketers and entrepreneurs – are encouraged to take them and explore possible uses.


“This year we gave children a chance to individually engage with each Techquarium device and were rewarded with great enthusiasm,” said Umeed Kothavala, CEO, Extentia. “The carnival theme of the 2018 edition was a resounding success and we hope this trend continues into next year as well.”


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