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  • Tasneem Muchhala, Marketing Manager

Set Up Payments – Plug and Play with LMA

As AppExchange developers, we found it very difficult to manage payments and subscriptions for our products. In addition, tasks such as manually updating the LMA, coordinating the offline payment procedure, tracking expiry dates as no customer had the same subscription cycle, and so on added to our list of difficulties. (if you’re an ISV – I’m sure you understand these pain points).

But, fret not.

Set Up Payments powered by Extentia

Set Up Payments is now here! Try our solution that will make your life easier as it integrates with the License Management Application (LMA) and helps accept payments via payment gateways. This simplifies the entire payment process for AppExchange products.

  • Some key features that make this app what it is: Helps manage online payments for your AppExchange apps and automatically updates the LMA after each purchase to activate licenses for your customers.

  • In addition, the app allows branding of the payment site and customization of the products page to suit your requirements.

  • It can also help you tailor payment plans for each of your apps with automatic payment renewal notifications and recurring payment options. Further, you can set specific term and pricing models for your apps.

  • In the first release, the app is integrated with PayPal and Stripe. It will soon be integrated with and a couple of other payment service providers.

  • Most importantly, the app provides security with a two-factor authentication process via a unique time-bound security code, accessible only to you.

Set Up Payments powered by Extentia

Your users also gain from the app as they can view a detailed order summary before making a payment.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started with Set Up Payments and manage licenses, subscriptions, and branding better! Download the free trial here:

Contact us at if you want to schedule a demo or have any questions.

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