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Extentia at the Heidelberg AppHaus – What It Was All About!

The past few months have been exciting and challenging as we saw the idea of an innovation-led workspace come to life in the form of XEN LAB PNQ. All the efforts put in by the team were rewarded in September, when Extentia became the first Indian company to be an SAP AppHaus network member.

In mid-October, my partner-in-crime, Umeed, and I attended a two-day workshop and meetup at the AppHaus in Heidelberg. The first of many future get togethers, this experience was a perfect blend of fun and learning. Along with 6 other partners from across the globe, we learnt, planned, had fun, and shared exciting ideas for the future.

The rain socked walking tour of the town our first evening was the perfect introduction to Heidelberg and some of our colleagues.

As expected, food was a critical part of our experience and with every partner having brought local snacks for us to share, we managed to sample the flavors of the world during our sessions! Pune’s traditional bhakharwadi and mango burfi were welcomed and enjoyed by our new found friends!

‘Talks from the Heart’ was my personal favorite session where we all got together and shared personal experiences ranging from challenges faced in projects to success stories. In other sessions, we caught up with SAP’s Innovation Culture, saw their Experience Center, and got exposed to a host of new ideas and technologies coming our way.

Another interesting session was about the future of UX at SAP. Having a full-fledged experience studio at Extentia, the learnings from this session were especially relevant.

These two days were all about fun, learning, and spending time with like-minded people from the network. We made unforgettable memories particularly as we enjoyed fine German wine under the guise of working.

From the walking tour of the entire AppHaus and the boat dinner to all the sessions that we attended, we took home learnings that we are excited to employ in our projects.

We also volunteered for hosting the next AppHaus network meet at our Pune office and totally look forward to having all the partners here.

Till we meet again!

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