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Extentia’s Salesforce Practice Explores Summer’22 Release Features

We have been eagerly waiting for Salesforce’s Summer’22 Release, which will no doubt consist of a variety of new, innovative features to enhance developer capabilities in the Salesforce ecosystem.

With the release around the corner, we couldn’t contain our excitement and have diligently combed through the release notes to identify the top 5 highlights for developers!

Enable Person Accounts Yourself

Up until recently, we had to contact Salesforce to enable Person Accounts on an org. Now, Salesforce has made this feature available to all customers. Isn’t that awesome?

Hold on, there are a few things to keep in mind to use this feature successfully! Run the readiness check:

a) Review the impact that enabling a Person Account will have on the existing setup

b) Create at least one record type on the Account object

c) Set the profiles and permission sets so that those with read access to Account have read access to Contact too

d) Adjust OWD such that either Contact is Controlled by, Parent or both Account and Contact are Private

e) All done? Hit the Enable button!

Set Expiration Dates to Permission Sets and Permission Set Groups Assignment

Set the expiration date to end assignments for Permission Sets and Permission Set Groups.

  • Use Case: The support team needs access to a few sales objects to help the sales team plan implementation for 2 weeks. Create a permission set and assign it to the support team with an expiration date. The permission set will automatically be removed from the support team as per the predetermined expiration date.

  • This feature needs to be enabled before use. In Setup, go to User Management Settings under Users and enable the feature.

Now, to set an expiration date, go to the Permission Set, click Manage Assignment, select users for assignment, and click next. You will then be taken to the screen to select the assignment expiration date.

Monitor Critical User Permission

Monitor changes made to permission sets and permission set groups by creating Transaction Security Policies. If a change does not comply with internal usage, security policies, or compliance, notifications can be sent out, and changes can be blocked. Create transaction security policies to block the user assignments listed below:

  • Manage All Data

  • View All Data

  • Customize Application

  • Manage Encryption Keys

  • Reset User Passwords and Unlock Users

  • Manage Password Policies

  • Manage Profiles and Permission Sets

  • Assign Permission Sets

  • Password Never Expires

  • Manage Roles

  • Manage Internal Users

  • Manage Users

  • Author Apex

  • Manage Sharing

  • Multi-Factor Authentication for User Interface Logins

NOTE: This change is available to customers who purchased Salesforce Shield or Event Monitoring add-on subscriptions.

Discover the Objects and Fields Available to Users with Search Manager

It is even easier to identify all searchable objects and the search status of each field with Search Manager. Go to Search Manager in Setup to see the list of all searchable objects.

Customize Related Lists in Lightning App Builder

Now you can customize the related lists in Lightning App Builder with the new Dynamic Related List – Single component. Select the fields, sort order, apply filters and give it a descriptive name. You may also create multiple related lists to see relevant records. For example, create a related list to see opportunities created in the last 30 days. Create another related list to see open opportunities with an amount of more than $ 100,000.

Extentia's Salesforce Consulting team strives to deliver value to customers consistently with experience-centric transformation, design-led solutions, and Customer 360 implementations, with a particularly impressive track record in building Salesforce solutions with Lightning Web Components (LWC), Tableau CRM, Heroku, and third-party integrations.

Extentia has over a decade of experience across various clouds, including Sales, Service, Marketing, and Experience Cloud, with a strong focus on Health Cloud, Salesforce Industries Health, and Financial Services Cloud implementations.

To learn more about Extentia's Salesforce Practice, write to us at

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