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  • Suhas Bhosale, Delivery Manager

Wizards of Extentia: Suhas Bhosale

Wizards of Extentia - Suhas Bhosale, Delivery Manager

In a nutshell

I am a poet, an avid reader, a die-hard traveler, and a constant seeker who keeps updating himself as far as technology and programming languages are concerned. It’s all about learning every day!


It all started in October 2006, when I joined Extentia as a Senior Programmer. Although I had hard-core programming background, it was my first corporate job! Switching from a non-corporate world to the corporate world was not easy but in no time, with the constant support at Extentia, I was thriving here! Everyone I have worked with has played an important role in shaping my career. Not many know, I was successful in completing my MBA as well, all while working at Extentia! Since then there’s no looking back – thanks to Extentia!

Down the memory lane…

It was the initial phase of my journey when Extentia started mobile application development, and I was fortunate to be a part of that initiative. I was among the first mobile developers at Extentia and was part of several key projects working with the latest technologies around that time including Windows 8 projects in partnership with Microsoft and Intel. It has been a great learning exercise. I am also a member of the X24 core committee right since its inception. It’s fun to work so closely with Umeed, Naazneen, Binu, and several upcoming stars at Extentia.


  • Worked on a myriad of technologies – starting Classic VB, .NET, Android applications, Windows Modern applications, and scripting languages. Also, involved in the design and architecting of enterprise solutions and the learning only continues.

  • Key domain expertise – Finance, Security, Education, Automobile, Healthcare

  • Techquarium – working closely with the latest gadgets is definitely an edge

At Present…

I’m currently a Delivery Manager at Extentia – focused on being a creative problem solver, big-picture thinker, instructor, team mentor, and communicator with an approach to develop cutting-edge methods for elevating team performances.

Extentia for me…

Extentia is family to me. I got the greatest support in my life from Extentia, be it encouraging my amateur poems or supporting me while I pursued an MBA, Extentia has helped me develop not just professionally but personally as well. It is a place where work-life balance is perfectly maintained. The environment that Extentia provides is very nurturing – it helps you go beyond and value connections. I am still in touch with all my colleagues whom I worked with on my very first project and we cherish all those moments and times spent together!

Another very important aspect about Extentia is its approachable senior management, they are always there for you. Not once have I hesitated about knocking on their door, reaching out to them, and seeking their advice. There have been several instances where they have trusted my judgment, agreed with my decisions – it’s a luxury that I’m sure you don’t find in many companies.

To the young professionals…

It’s not always about technical learnings, it’s more about learning the holistic thinking, solution-oriented approach, customer empathy, and being disciplined – that's what I learned in my career and that’s what I recommend to all. At Extentia one gets a chance to understand every aspect of the delivery cycle and will witness that directly or indirectly in projects! Right from requirement gathering to being part of the SDLC process,

Do More. Be More. – is Extentia’s motto and rightly so, it provides excellent opportunities to learn and grow. One will have exposure to plenty of challenging assignments. We have several programs where one can gain a competitive advantage by learning to work and play with cool gadgets as well as to understand and work on emerging technologies. So, if I have to sum up working at Extentia in one sentence, I’d say – “Come over, the future is here!”

My Lifelines!

  • My biggest lifeline are the two women in my life – my wife and my mother :)

  • My lunch group and weekend worriers – nowadays we don’t personally meet very often but we still talk every day!

  • And of course, team Extentia!

Connect with me…

  • I’m an outdoor person, I enjoy traveling a lot. Prior to COVID I went on several treks and hikes with friends and family. The Sahyadri mountain ranges are my weak point

  • I love reading, especially Hindi and Marathi books and novels

  • I enjoy writing as well, especially poems in Hindi and Marathi. I’ve had the opportunity to use this special skill many times during events and I’m always in awe of the response I get every time :)

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