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Devashish Nayak

“Back in 2005, encouraged by a childhood friend, I relocated from Bhopal, a place that has taught me a lot in my life, to Pune – given the opportunities it offers in the IT space. After exploring a few career opportunities – I got to work as a tech lead in Extentia. What started as a new line of business to deliver applications using the SAP Cloud Platform, grew into a large team that has, to date, successfully delivered 30+ projects across mobility, cloud, and analytics. Currently leading Extentia’s SAP Practice as a Delivery Manager, I’d say, my tenure at Extentia has been the most rewarding part of my professional journey of 20 years! At Extentia, I have always felt acknowledged and appreciated. Always blessed with the best mentors in the company, I have enjoyed the freedom to speak, choose, and take decisions. Talk to me for anything on leadership and personal management, all things technical, including – database, web services, mobility, cloud, analytics, and more!”

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Bobby Moothedan

“I started working at Extentia without any formal education in computers, back in 2001 when it was a 30 people company and have only seen growth since! Now I’m a Delivery Manager with more responsibilities that I manage to justify because of the tremendous amount of experience I have gained over the years at Extentia! What stands out for me is the culture of the company – the caring and extremely thoughtful atmosphere, the fun environment, and the inspirational leaders. For anything and everything, that I can help in of course – I’d love to have a chat and explore new ideas and processes. I’m an ardent football fan and Manchester United is my club. So, all you football fanatics, let’s talk!”

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