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Wizards of Extentia

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Hemaush Nagoriya

“I have been a part of Extentia for 16 years. It has been a very fulfilling and enriching experience for me. I have grown a lot personally and professionally.

I have been a part of Extentia for 16 years now. My first day at Extentia was very funny. I joined on a Friday and was waiting to get assigned a laptop and my machines. I waited the whole day and was still not assigned one. Later I found out everyone was busy because it was the annual party! My colleagues invited me to the party and so, I began my journey here with the biggest bash Extentia throws!”

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Ashish Shukla

“I have been exposed to a plethora of knowledge and learning opportunities here that have been paramount in contributing to my professional as well as personal growth.

There have been countless wonderful memories at Extentia but the ones that stand out the most are related to our company culture. How regardless of what rank in the office you hold - everyone is very helpful and caring. I remember when I was learning to drive in USA, it was a little challenging. At times my Extentia friend Chetan played the role of driving instructor with enormous patience. But, a special moment was when Boss and Naazneen also helped me elevate my driving skills. It was very heart-touching.”

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Jigisha Ved

“I am a learner who firmly believes in learning by doing! This attitude has been a boon to my professional career. It's not only the appreciation but the constant feedback that does the trick and helps me grow.

It's been 15 years now; the years have helped me grow professionally and personally. Problem-solving is something that I love the most. The support I got during and after my maternity leave is unexplainable. I had the option and flexibility to join when I was comfortable. These are some things beyond just the policies.


The young professionals of today are enthusiastic in whatever they do. Enjoy your work and get exposed to new avenues is what I would like to suggest to them.

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Mahesh Lokhande

"Being a constant learner, I learned everything from scratch. All the involvement and exploration that I was exposed to around me has helped me evolve all through the years.

There have been many memories in these golden years of my life at Extentia. I remember the first significant achievement way back in 2006, where we had to set up the entire infrastructure and new servers, which was a momentous success back then.

Another memorable moment was interconnecting between offices (North and South main road), it was not easy, and we worked day and night. Everything was worth it in the end.

It always feels like home at Extentia. The support, help, flexibility, and exposure that one gets here are always great and enriching. I am more creative working at the office rather than at home!

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Sarang Hadavale

“I’m a workaholic by nature and I have always believed in experiential learning, which inspires me to explore new learning opportunities beyond my comfort zone.I’ve often been asked about my reasons for working with the same company for so long. My answer is simple. Extentia promotes an inclusive environment, has trustworthy leadership, and an irreplaceable work culture. These positive qualities have motivated me to continue working at Extentia.

I started gaining exposure to working with various technologies and applications, from .Net to Salesforce, right from the initial stages of my career. Each job profile that I have transitioned into has allowed me to acquire important skills that have contributed toward an enriching work experience.Being in a company for a long period of time is not easy. Take up opportunities as and when they present themselves and make the most of them. In the end, the main goal is continuous learning!”

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Yamini Gore

"Although I am an introvert, a silent and reserved person, my expressions are reflected in my designs and creativity. I love creative art and am presently learning music.

There have been great memories with Extentia. I remember working on a project which required new technology learning along with design. With sheer hard work, dedication, and passion we completed this complex project, and eventually, our client ended up getting an award for that project at the Dreamforce event!

Working at Extentia has taught me many things; being patient and persistent in what I do is the key to success. I appreciate the extra efforts Extentia takes for women, whether on events or late-night shifts. Extentia is always there – we feel safe and secure here.

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Suhas Bhosale

“I am a poet, an avid reader, a die-hard traveler, and a constant seeker who keeps updating himself as far as technology and programming languages are concerned. It’s all about learning every day! It was the initial phase of my journey when Extentia started mobile application development, and I was fortunate to be a part of that initiative. I was among the first mobile developers at Extentia and was part of several key projects working with the latest technologies around that time including Windows 8 projects in partnership with Microsoft and Intel. It has been a great learning exercise.

It’s not always about technical learnings, it’s more about learning the holistic thinking, solution-oriented approach, customer empathy, and being disciplined – that's what I learned in my career and that’s what I recommend to all. At Extentia one gets a chance to understand every aspect of the delivery cycle and will witness that directly or indirectly in projects! Right from requirement gathering to being part of the SDLC process.”

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Chetan Sawant

"I'm a fun-loving, badminton enthusiast, and a Senior Tech Lead who is now steering towards the realms of tech architecture at Extentia. I believe that the only route to success is constant learning. Extentia is a place where you can express yourself freely. Extentia is supportive, even at the personal level, which makes you grab many opportunities, always empowering you to learn and research.


Advice to the young professionals “Always keep upgrading yourself; you would not want to be a bad influence for others. It’s always about learning and making your customers happy!”

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Devashish Nayak

“Back in 2005, encouraged by a childhood friend, I relocated from Bhopal, a place that has taught me a lot in my life, to Pune – given the opportunities it offers in the IT space. After exploring a few career opportunities – I got to work as a tech lead in Extentia. What started as a new line of business to deliver applications using the SAP Cloud Platform, grew into a large team that has, to date, successfully delivered 30+ projects across mobility, cloud, and analytics.


Currently leading Extentia’s SAP Practice as a Delivery Manager, I’d say, my tenure at Extentia has been the most rewarding part of my professional journey of 20 years! At Extentia, I have always felt acknowledged and appreciated. Always blessed with the best mentors in the company, I have enjoyed the freedom to speak, choose, and take decisions. Talk to me for anything on leadership and personal management, all things technical, including – database, web services, mobility, cloud, analytics, and more!”

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Bobby Moothedan

“I started working at Extentia without any formal education in computers, back in 2001 when it was a 30 people company and have only seen growth since! Now I’m a Delivery Manager with more responsibilities that I manage to justify because of the tremendous amount of experience I have gained over the years at Extentia!


What stands out for me is the culture of the company – the caring and extremely thoughtful atmosphere, the fun environment, and the inspirational leaders. For anything and everything, that I can help in of course – I’d love to have a chat and explore new ideas and processes. I’m an ardent football fan and Manchester United is my club. So, all you football fanatics, let’s talk!”

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