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  • Abdullah Shaikh, Technical Architect

Wizards of Extentia – Abdullah Shaikh

Wizards of Extentia – Abdullah Shaikh

In a nutshell

I have been with Extentia for a little over a decade, and the number of projects and different technologies I got to work with have enhanced my career and set me on the path of excellence. It would not be possible without the guidance and expertise of inspirational leaders. However, the shift from backend to frontend technology at an early stage of my career changed the spectrum of all the goals I could achieve. It was challenging but helped me hone my leadership skills and brought out newfound confidence to be a full-stack programmer. I believe in constant learning as far as technology is concerned.


I found out about Extentia through my friend who was working here, I was a Java developer. However, the position I applied for was PHP developer. There were multiple rounds of interviews. All the developers and senior developers were on the interview panel, and the next day, I got the job! It has been almost 12 years since I joined Extentia, and I could not have asked for more. I got multiple opportunities to grow and give my best at everything.

Down the memory lane

Extentia used to host Freshers Day for new joiners, and parents were invited too. My father came along with me and was glad to meet Chetan as they used to work in the same company. I recall him asking me about this guy in shorts, taking photographs of the event. I assumed it was a photographer that the company had hired. I absolutely had no idea of how Umeed looked or where his office was in our building. As the event was ending, the person we assumed was a photographer addressed the crowd, and that is how I found out he was the CEO. I have so many wonderful memories they are worth looking back at and cherishing on how far I have come. And how my colleagues and mentors made me realize my potential and capabilities.

Work and projects

I got to work on a multitude of technologies. Some of the most notable ones are Angular, React, and Node. I came in as a developer, over the years, my designation changed to Technical Lead, and then to a Technical Architect, designing solutions for multiple clients. There are bountiful opportunities at Extentia, so the learning never stops. One can continually work on honing skills and be updated with the recent technological advancements as one works on different projects.

At present

Currently, I am a Technical Architect. I am working on multiple challenging projects focusing on inventive problem solving, unconventional thinking, and mentoring the teams to raise their potential! From pre-sales to delivery, I love to work as an elevator connecting the development teams to the stakeholders and providing solutions using cutting-edge processes. I thoroughly enjoy it and continually strive to do my best for every and any task that comes my way.

Memories and achievements

There is not one specific achievement that comes to mind. As I got to work with different technologies earlier in my career here. Extentia has always been great support allowing me to showcase my amateur Shayari's or supporting me while achieving a few certifications. It always feels great to write crazy scripts for the annual party celebrations and participate in them. It establishes a great connection with colleagues. We all cherish every moment of the time spent together.

Extentia for me

It is a feeling of homeliness, where I got lots of professional and personal support, especially in the most challenging times. All the initiatives I could be a part of and the faith and support I got helped shape my growth. Continuous feedback and guidance were also helpful in identifying aspects that bolstered my position at Extentia.

To young professionals!

Never stop learning. Many opportunities will come your way, and you must seize them. Think out of the box and let your ideas flow freely. If you come across practice and think it aligns with Extentia's vision, then go all out to propose and implement it. And Extentia will be more than happy to set to flight your idea or proposal and establish new development practices. Do more, be more!


My family and my wife are my vital lifelines. At Extentia, it is my lunch and weekend groups. We plan a lot of get-togethers and trips. We connect over an array of topics. We learn a lot from each other. The Management team at Extentia has also been my lifeline.

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