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  • Ishwar Kumar, Senior Technical Architect

Wizards of Extentia – Ishwar Kumar

Wizards of Extentia - Ishwar Kumar

In a nutshell

I have been with Extentia for 15 years. During the initial days at my new job, I recall that I had to learn everything from scratch. Everything was new for me; however, I have always had the guidance of Senior Management, and that helped me a lot.


When I was in Mumbai, a friend mentioned Extentia, and I decided to apply for the post. I went through 4 to 5 rounds of interviews and was finally selected.

Down the memory lane

At the time, our office was in a prime residential area, with bustling street culture and an array of options for trying out snacks and different cuisines. There were frequent power cuts during that time. My colleagues and I would go out and explore the available street food. We also witnessed wonderful celebrations of events and festivals. Extentia always exudes warmth for all who become a part of Extentia.

Work and projects

Since I joined, I have had the opportunity to work on various projects like DotNet, Sharepoint, and AWS (Amazon Web Services). Around eight projects that I was involved with were regarding loyalty and Identity management.

An exciting aspect of being delegated to be part of these projects was that I had an opportunity to travel abroad. During the 2nd year of my tenure, I went on a business trip to the U.S.A and Turkey. This type of international exposure opened new horizons for me!

At present!

I am a Senior Technical Architect, however, the learning never stops as I am constantly interacting with different types of technology, projects, and people.

Memories and Achievements

I have always been ardently involved in all sports activities. However, what has been inspirational, and motivating is that I got the Best Player title in 3 tournaments: volleyball, football, and cricket. In the span of three to four years, I have had the chance to work on my leadership skills and lead a team that went beyond my work responsibilities to shine in other areas of my interests.

Extentia for me

Extentia has been an integral part of my life, where I've worked under the guidance of inspirational bosses and the People Management team that has been immensely supportive and approachable. I even participated in sports activities with bosses. For newcomers, the work environment is such that they can lead teams and tap into other opportunities.

To the young professionals!

Those who choose to join the IT industry take every opportunity to learn, be passionate about their work, set small goals, and celebrate their achievements. Keep learning!

My lifelines!

I am grateful for Bobby - he has helped me develop effective communication skills and become a better professional.

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