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  • Nitin Kamble, UI Design Lead

Wizards of Extentia – Nitin Kamble

In a nutshell:

Extentia has been a great experience for me. At Extentia, I learned a lot simply by observing amazing people. I am an artist who enjoys doing creative work and is always up for a new challenge. At Extentia, I had the chance to display my skills.


Looking back to October 2006 brings up a lot of memories. A fine arts graduate from Abhinav Art College, Pune, joins Extentia, as a trainee and it just changes his life. I still remember, our Product Manager interviewed me, and I was selected in the first round. At the time I joined, Extentia had a design team of only 8 to 10 people, but today we have over 50.

Down memory lane

Extentia has been a part of my life for 15 years, and I vividly remember my first day. As it was my first work at an IT firm, I was nervous. And I was waiting to get assigned my system. As there were no such things as compact PCs or laptops at the time, I was assigned a large CRT monitor, which frightened me even more. But everyone has been supportive from the beginning.

Work and projects

When I joined Extentia, I was simply working with Photoshop, but now I'm handling all of the design tools. I was given the opportunity to work on a variety of projects. I've delivered over 250 projects for a variety of clients and domains, including mobility, fashion, security, agriculture, and automobiles.

At present!

Currently, I am a UI Design lead at Extentia, leading a superbly creative team and working on exciting projects.

Memories and achievement

It’s a long journey of more than 15 years and there have been many lightning memories along the way. But I remember in 2012, we got a very critical project, and our VP Pradnya believed in and trusted me enough to let me handle the design side on my own, which I did successfully. Also, in 2105, I worked with SAP clients, and unbelievably delivered over 25 presales app designs that too in just 8 months, earning appreciation from them.

Extentia for me

Extentia is a second home to me. Everyone here has been very caring and supportive to me. Not just work but I get to explore various activities like – sports, social work, breakfast talks, Techquarium, and much more!

To the young professionals!

New generation design people are extremely creative and faster. My piece of advice to them is, just explore the world before getting into design work. Study thoroughly, observe, and then use your skills in the right direction.

My lifelines!

First and foremost, our VP Pradnya has always believed in me, my long-time Extentian friends, and the entire design experience team. Last but not least, my family. Without them, I would not have been able to get here and achieve anything.

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