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Extentia is a Salesforce Product Development Partner with a focus on Enterprise Mobility, Design and Usability, and Integration. Our Salesforce specialists are experts in helping customers build mobile compatible and mobile first Salesforce® solutions with innovative and intuitive user interfaces. Our specialist business analysis and design thinking teams utilize our strengths in enterprise mobility, custom user interface design, and third party platform integration, to create solutions allowing customers to leverage the power of the Salesforce platform.

What we do at Extentia

Our team of certified professionals has over five years of experience in building custom solutions for the Salesforce platform, utilizing all Salesforce clouds across a range of domains. Our team has the technical prowess to integrate Salesforce with multiple sector specific platforms including in the finance, real estate, manufacturing, education, human resources, asset management, healthcare, agriculture, and business intelligence sectors. From using Heroku to synchronize external data with Salesforce to using Lightning to push the envelope on user experiences, we have used the platform to deliver our clients compelling customer experiences. Extentia’s work in Salesforce uses dedicated teams that build expertise in the client’s domain and ranges from app development with ongoing support to customized feature development to tailored integration of third party platforms.


Extentia is a Salesforce Product Development Partner (PDP) under the Product Development Outsourcing (PDO) program of Salesforce. The PDO certification requires years of expertise in the Salesforce domain in addition to considerable experience in designing and launching apps on the Salesforce AppExchange.


Extentia is one of the select few Salesforce development consultancies with PDP status, which means we’re qualified to:

  • Offer superior domain knowledge and consultation for building out your AppExchange products
  • Architect and design your Salesforce solution to be AppExchange-ready — that includes ideation, planning, execution, and delivery
  • Facilitate trouble-free, smooth, and fast product development lifecycle for your app
  • Effectively execute third-party integrations with your Salesforce solution
  • Build customized user-interfaces for your Salesforce app, with attention to every tiny detail
  • Help your app meet Salesforce’s strict security guidelines
  • Navigate you through technical issues and typical roll-out challenges


  • Sales Cloud
  • Service Cloud
  • Marketing Cloud
  • Community Cloud
  • Heroku
  • Salesforce1
  • Lightning Framework

Consulting Services

  • Enterprise Mobility
  • Cloud Solutions
  • Design Solutions
  • Product Development on AppExchange
  • Integrations

Additional Skills and Services

  • Building Native Mobile Applications Using the Salesforce Mobile SDK
  • Integrating Salesforce with Other Systems
  • Designing Responsive UX/UI Skills
  • Data mapping and migrations
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics
  • End User Training and Ongoing Support
  • Extentia has built several applications using the Salesforce App Cloud across a range of domains. These range from proprietary applications listed on the AppExchange to tailor-made enterprise mobility solutions that empower employees. Our team has extensive experience managing applications from inception to deployment and has the required expertise to help you get your application onto the AppExchange. We’ll take care of everything from development and design to marketing and branding while ensuring your application clears all the necessary security review and process hurdles.
Map Plotter Premium
  • Map Plotter enables the conversion of addresses into co-ordinates to map them, choose the optimal route, search and manage leads per their location, find clusters, filter search, and more. It is an enhanced efficiency tool for sales professionals that adds value to the sales process and directly impacts revenue. Map Plotter is available in 2 versions – Free and Premium. The Premium version is Salesforce1 Mobile and Lightning ready and offers many more features and added advantages.
  • Download Map Plotter | Download Map Plotter Premium
Business Email Templates
  • Business Email Templates helps you send great-looking professional emails to your customers and your Salesforce business contacts, within minutes, which render perfectly across all email clients and devices.
  • Download Business Email Templates

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