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A Culture of Innovation at Extentia

Technology, IoT and Innovation at Extentia

Over the years, we at Extentia, have developed a radiant culture of innovation among our people, products, and processes. Manifesting from our enthusiasm for new technologies and the drive for excellence, our passion for finding innovative solutions enables us to explore the areas of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, the Internet of Things (IoT), virtual reality (VR), artificial intelligence (AR), Big Data, and wearable devices – and include this tech in our state-of-the-art solutions.

Representing our commitment to innovation in technology, Techquarium is our unique platform to

demonstrate new technology and hardware. In these internal and external sessions, we showcase a range of tech gadgets with the intent of promoting workable solutions that are

possible with each. From Amazon Echo family and NeuroSky Mindwave to Oculus Rift, Google Home, and many more – we have been exploring devices across the spectrum of IoT, AR, VR, wearables, 3D printing, and AI technologies.

The simple intent behind Techquarium is to encourage participants – technophiles, coders, software developers, marketers, and entrepreneurs – to explore these future-ready tech devices and develop new ideas for their applications.

ApplePi – A Techfest for Children and Young Adults

Tailored to the inquisitive young minds, ApplePi is our special edition Techquarium for children and young adults. At ApplePi, participants between the ages of 7- 21 get a chance to explore the developments in technology and play with the latest gadgets.

Aiming to extend our passion for technology and innovation to the next generations, AppliePi sessions are tied to themes that blend tech with fun to engage these curious minds. In our recent and the 4th edition of ApplePi we had tied each device to the theme of space, with the entire XEN LAB, our experience design center, done up like a spaceship – giving the kids the feel of entering space and doing wonders with various devices across the board. We had also extended this session to students associated with Poveda Foundation, a Pune-based charity organization in addition to children of our partners and customers.

X24 – Extentia’s Annual Hackathon

For us, innovating pioneering solutions means finding solutions for real-world problems that can create impact. Incepted in 2015, X24 is our annual tech build marathon – a grueling 24-hour hackathon aiming to provide Extentians with a chance to showcase their technological skills, creative flair, passion for technology, and understanding of concepts. The objective of X24 is to create workable ideas and develop solutions that have real-world applications.

Filled with twists, surprises, and dynamic challenges that keep the six participating teams on their toes and battles gripping, X24 concludes with each team pitching their solutions to a panel of eminent judges that comprise industry leaders.

Advantage Extentia

While X24 brings out the competitive edge in Extentians, allowing them to push their limits, learn, grow, and develop solutions that have the potential to create impact, ApplePi brings the young and curious minds one step closer to the wondrous potential of tech. These initiatives are our way of staying at the forefront of tech innovations and constantly exploring new avenues to incorporate workable ideas in our solutions that we build for our customers and partners across the globe. Read more about our versatile and growth-prone company culture here.

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